Ballet - 2012-05-24

Beautifull for little girls Party Colours : Pink, White or even silver.  ... more

Winnie the Pooh - 2012-03-12

The friends of Winnie the Pooh for little boys! Party Colours: Blue and Yellow  Winnie the Pooh for little girls! Party Colours: Pink, Purple and yellow  ... more

Toy Story - 2012-03-12

The adventures of Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 Party Colours: Red and Blue                              Blue and Lime  ... more

Tinkerbelle - 2012-03-12

The fairy of the enchanted tale of Tinkerbelle and Peterpan. Party Colours: Pink and Lime Green, add some Purple or not!  ... more

Thomas the Tank - 2012-03-12

Tjoeka, Tjoeke Thomas the Tank is on its way! Party Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green  ... more

Teddy Bear - 2012-03-12

Bear perfect in Pink Party Colours: Soft Pink  ... more

Surfs-Up - 2012-03-12

The surfing penguins - Ride the Waves! Party Colours: Blue, orange and Yellow Pretty Nice!  ... more

Strawberry Short Cake - 2012-03-12

The girl with the red hair and strawberry cheeks! Party Colours; Red and Pink  ... more

Spiderman - 2012-03-12

Protector of the innocent, Spiderman! Party Colours: Red and Blue Very Fibrant!  ... more

Smurfs - 2012-03-12

Little men in Blue - are you going crazy - No, The SMURFS are back!  Party Colours: Blue and White or add some Red or not! And for the Girls - add some Pink! ... more

Iron Man - 2012-03-12

Devenders of the Universe - The undestructable Iron Man Party Colours: Red, Black and Gold  ... more

Scooby Doo - 2012-03-12

Who are scared of G......., Scooby Doo, cant even say the words! Party Colours: Blue and Lime Green Very Pretty!  ... more

Racing - 2012-03-12

The Checker flag has dropped, and the drivers are at GO! Party Colours: Red, Black and Yellow  ... more

Noddy - 2012-03-12

The old age classic - Noddy with his bright red car, Beep, Beep! Party Colours: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow  ... more

Ninja Turles - 2012-03-12

Warriors of the underground. Defenders of the weak! Party Colours: Green, Red and Black  ... more

My Little Pony - 2012-03-12

The Ponies with magical powers! Party Colours: Pink and Purple, and add some yellow or not!  ... more

Mini Mouse - 2012-03-12

Music Notes for Mini Mouse! Party Colours: Pink and Purple - Very Pretty!  ... more

Mickey Mouse Club House - 2012-03-12

Joint the Mouse at their Club House for a joy ride adventure! Party Colours: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow  Add something for the girls! ... more

Madagascar - 2012-03-12

Animals with attitude exploring Africa! Party Colours: Orange, Lime Green and Royal Blue  ... more

Little Mermaid - 2012-03-12

Enchanted sea creatures! A fairytale for every little girl! Party Colours: Orange and Teal                           Orange, Pink and Purlple  ... more

Land Before Time - Dinasors - 2012-03-12

Long before time and men the Dinasors roamed the earth! Party Colours : Orange, Light Blue and Lime Green ... more

Jonas Brothers - 2012-03-12

Not for the faint harted! Boys with Beat! Party Colours: Black and Purple  ... more

Imagination Movers - 2012-03-12

A up-beat TV series! Party Colours: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow  ... more

How to train your dragon! - 2012-03-12

Dragons and their Masters of the old World! Party Colours: Royal Blue and Red.  ... more

Hello Kitty - 2012-03-12

The Kitty we love and adore! Pretty and colourful! Party Colours: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Light Blue and add green or not!  ... more

Happy Feet - 2012-03-12

Tapping Feet of the Happy Penguins! Party Colours: Light Blue, Royal Blue, and Orange  ... more

Hannah Montana - 2012-03-12

... more

Flower Power - 2012-03-12

Beatle Power of the 80's Party Colours: Pink, Purple and Green or not!  ... more

Farm Yard - 2012-03-12

The Shed, cow and tractor! Party Colours: Blue and Lime Green, or add a touch of Red.  ... more

Dinsey Princess - 2012-03-12

Disney favourites all Pretty in Pink! Party Colours: Pink, Yellow, Purple and light blue! Snow White in the enchanted forest! Party Colours: Red, Pink and White  ... more

Cricket - 2012-03-12

For all the sports fans out there! Cricket Test Series! Party Colours: Blue and Green with a touch of Red!  ... more

Circus - 2012-03-12

Very Bright and Colourfull! Party Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green  ... more

Cars - 2012-03-12

Lightning McQueen and the Piston Cup! Party Colours: Black, White and Red Very Fibrant Colours   Alternative Cars Party Colours: Blue and Red  ... more

Captain Hook / Pirates of Never Land - 2012-03-12

Villains of the open seas! Party Colours: Red, Black and Gold   Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Colours: Blue and Red  ... more

Camp Rock - 2012-03-12

For the not so young! Party Colours: Sherise Pink and Black  ... more

Bugs Life - 2012-03-12

Bugs Life is great for smaller kiddies! Party Colors: Blue and Lime, or Lime and Orange! You can also combine both characters and colours.   ... more

Bratz - 2012-03-12

For the fashion crowd! - The Bratz Babes Party Colours: Cherise Pink, Orange and Purle Other Bratz colour scheme options also available! ... more

Bob the Builder - 2012-03-12

This is a colourful theme for little boys! Party colours: Red, Blue and Yellow! ... more

Bionicles - 2012-03-09

This theme can also represent other Bionicle caracters! Party Colours: Blue and Gold  ... more

Ben 10 - 2012-03-09

Adventures of Ben 10 - Very Fibrant! Party Colours: Red, Lime Green and Black  ... more

Batman - 2012-03-09

Warriors of the Modern World. Party Colours: Black and Yellow, we sometimes add Navy!  ... more

Barbie - 2012-03-09

Barbie Faerie Thopia Party Colours: Pink, Purple and sometimes Silver Soft and Girly!   Barbie Flower Girl Party Colours: Cherise Pink and Orange Very Vibrant! Barbie Dancing Princess Pretty in Pink and Purple ... more

Air Plaines - 2012-03-09

Old Fashion Airplaines   Party Colours: Blue, White and Red or just Blue and White  ... more